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Drop Ship Service

How To Get Started·

1. You register with us for drop shipping service. The one-off membership fee is £35. It is to protect us from time-wasters, one-off orders and partially cover handling costs.

2. You advertise Viltis products either on your website, through small ads in newspapers, on E-Bay, or wherever you wish at whatever price you can sell at. Before advertising, make sure that the item is available from our stock. When you make a sale you then place an order to us. After you pay to either our Nochex account, directly by bank transfer or cheque and the funds are cleared, we will then ship the item, as per your written instructions, directly to your customer. Your customer will think it’s from you and you will have made a tidy profit risk free!


As a rule, the Dropship price is The Wholesale Price (of a certain quantity/price range) plus 10% plus delivery. In some cases prices are calculated in a different way, usually in The Customer’s favour.

The drop ship prices can only be viewed once you have registered, however, if you want to get an idea of prices before you sign in then register as Business Customer to have access to wholesale prices.
10% is our handling cost. It is rather time-consuming operation and extra care is taken in packing our Drop shipping orders to ensure safe delivery. It also takes more time to pick the item, especially with amber jewellery, choosing the closest colour, size, shape or design to the item on the website. In this way all the time and hassle is taken away from you. All you have to do is sell the item -we do the rest. 

What If An Item Goes Out Of Stock

When the dropship account has been opened and  the list of the products aggreed, we shall do everything possible to ensure thos items are always in stock. In case the product is ceased or made obsolete, we will inform you well in advance to make necessary changes and warn your customers. It will be up to you, then, to decide whether it is worth the risk of letting down a potential customer and continue advertising the product or take it out f sale.
We shall always keep you informed of new products on offer.


Collections and returns (UK mainland only) from customer address to SPS Associates are to be paid by the customer both ways. In case of delivery of incorrect or faulty goods, return is paid by SPS Associates.